Saturday 16 May 2015

Kids Without A Cause showcases energetic vocals and the Paramore influence is to die for

Bianca Jane is a musician/songwriter, originally from Gawler she now spends most of her time in Mount Gambier working on new material and also performing.

Bianca picked up her first guitar at the age of 13 however it wasn't till she discovered her vocal talents at 18 that things really began.

She doesn't just stick to a specific genre so prepare to be surprised and what her music will offer.

Her most recent release is the single - Kids Without A Cause, which is currently on iTunes plus Bianca is trying to crowdfund her EP - Cheap Rumours.

Kids Without A Cause showcases lightning fast beats, a captivating melody, killer riffs and energetic vocals plus the Paramore influence is to die for.

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