Thursday, 14 May 2015

Klis presents captivating instrumental arrangement with energetic beats

In 2011 experimental musician Klis was inspired by Edward De Bono's book PO and Steve Spacek's album Black Pocket to create a new and alternative method of writing songs.

This vision led to the limited two track Sequential Music EP and now in 2015 Klis invited his favourite underground artists to produce tracks with this new technique - the results transcend genre and showcase something new and innovative.

What features an entertaining arrangement of synthesized beats.

Never again serves up a cool melodic symphony.

Seqret Sequence [Alpha Version] delivers a mixture of powerful beats and delightful melodic tones.

Particle 4 features a catchy and upbeat melody.

Wubwub sees Klis brings heavy beats into play.

Get Radical [Sliced-N-Diced Dub] has a similar melodic feel to Wubwub whilst also throwing some unique beats into the mix.

Blipper showcases a catchy and uplifting melodic arrangement - this is without a doubt my fave track off the album.

Helium Baboon presents a captivating instrumental arrangement with energetic beats which give this track a computer game feel to it.

Igor's Jelly Castle wraps up this unique album with a catchy melodic arrangement.

Whilst this album was not my cup of tea, the last three tracks did entertain me the most out of the tracks featured.

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