Monday 11 May 2015

Derek Bishop showcases catchy vocals and beautiful melodies

Derek Bishop has just released his second album Bicycling In Quicksand which features 10 tracks that showcase an eclectic mix of Disco, Euro Pop and 80s New Wave.

Derek's time as an art director has inspired him to create something fresh as he considers music to be extremely visual - this is why he has given equal importance to the packaging as he has done to the production of the songs themselves.

Backburning showcases captivating beats, catchy vocals and a beautiful melody.

Automatic features uplifting beats and catchy lyrics.

Shutting Down has a heavier vibe at the start but then Derek delivers upbeat instruments and entertaining verses.

Number Ten serves up energetic beats and lightning fast vocals.

Bicycling In Quicksand entertains us with a captivating melody and first class verses, plus the sax arrangement is a real delight.

Baggage is chock full of energetic beats and catchy lyrics.

Taffy cranks up the tempo as Derek serves up lightning fast vocals and super fast beats - a real delight to the ears.

Turn Around features cool synth beats and a on point vocal performance.

Red Flag showcases captivating verses and a top notch melody.

Toesmashers concludes the album with another outstanding melody, Derek's vocals are superb and alongside the instrumental arrangement we are treated to a catchy number.

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