Tuesday 5 May 2015

Aaron delivers beautiful vocals, catchy lyrics and captivating melodic beats

Aaron is a 22 year old London Based Singer/Songwriter who creates classic pop with an alternative electro sound, which is comparable to a blend of Synth Pop and Eighties R&B.

Her musical influences include the likes of 80s era Madonna, Kate Bush and Annie Lennox.

The last two years has seen Aaron work with top names such as Corey Chorus, Alex Oriet and Mnek, whilst also writing for Ed Thomas and Arlissa.

Letters to Jonny is Aaron's debut EP, which consists of 5 wondrous tracks - each of which entertain in the most splendid way possible whilst leaving us wanting more outstanding music.

Free Them is a upbeat number with beautiful vocals, catchy lyrics and captivating melodic beats.

Strong features slightly heavier beats but the vocals are still a delight to the ears.

Holding Water has more of a soulful vibe to it, the melody is slower to begin with but the tempo gets cranked up from time to time.

Borderline serves up a lovely instrumental arrangement which compliments Aaron's exquisite voice.

Jonny wraps up the EP with a upbeat melody which is outstanding all across the board - lyrically, vocally and musically the sing is flawless.

Post By - Boulent Mustafa

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