Friday, 1 May 2015

Light Over There treats us to uplifting vocals, delightful lyrics, wonderful melody and captivating guitar riffs

Light Over There are a musical duo made up of Rex Haberman, who is a veteran rocker from Minneapolis - who has released a string of albums which not only feature solo material but also songs from the socially conscious band War Poets.

The other half of the duo is 18 year old Aileen Henderson, who was raised in Galway and whom acquired an interest in music from an early age and this led to her uploading Country Songs to youtube.

The two met via twitter in June 2014 and it wasn't long before they combined their songwriting expertise. Once the duo had five original songs ready to go they put together a band and voila - Five tunes of the Americana / Rock / Country Genre.

Where Memories Live showcases Aileen's beautiful vocals and also the upbeat and catchy instrumental arrangement and the Guitar Section is simply out of this world.

She Cries To You entertains us with captivating beats, catchy lyrics and a energetic vocal performance.

I Ain't That Bad delivers heartfelt lyrics and we not only get treated to Rex's vocals, which seamlessly compliment Aileen's angelic voice but also another first class melody.

Solitude Gratitude is a corker of a tune with its uplifting vocals, delightful lyrics, wonderful melody and captivating guitar riffs.

Mountain Song wraps things up with an energetic number, beautiful lyrics and mesmerizing beats.

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