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The musically entertaining Hoshizora

Hoshizora entertains us with her soothing vocals and strip backed instrumentals.

Her 8 track album is a real delight to listen to as Hoshizora effortlessly switches between melancholy and uplifting tempos.

My fave track is Apathy as Hoshizora delivers something musically unique with her delightful and upbeat vocals and the beauty of the flute.

Originally from Indiana, Jessica moved to Chicago from a very early age and it was as she was growing up that she studied Piano, Clarinet and Saxophone. It didn't end there for whilst in High School she participated in the Jazz Band and Orchestras.

Whilst music was clearly Jessica's extra curricular love, Science was her curricular love and it was this which saw her graduate with a degree in Biology in 2002.

It was also at this point where she had developed a fondness for world travel, something which she had gotten the taste for whilst studying in China and Australia during her university years and also when she visited her parents who had moved to Brazil.

Jessica never gave up her musical interests as she still participated in woodwind performances and toured across America and Canada with the University's Wind Ensemble. After spending a gap year in Australia, Jessica returned back to the USA to progress her studies by enrolling at the Scripps Institute of Oceanography in San Diego.

It was at this time Jessica realised music was her true calling and she not only started composing her own songs on Guitar but also performed at the numerous local open mic nights. This not only led to her securing her own bookings but also saw the start of her music career.

In 2004 she graduated from Scripps with a Master's degree and then returned to the pacific northwest to establish herself as a singer/songwriter in Seattle. It was then she recorded her first album, the self released An Island In The Night, whilst going unnoticed in Seattle it fared much better in her parents hometown (at the time) of Owensboro, Kentucky where it gained weekly radio airplay and it wasn't long before Jessica relocated there.

It was at this time she developed her audio production skills at a local studio and also teamed up with local filmmaker P.J. Starks

Jessica bitten by the travel bug once again moved to the UK to learn more about music, specifically Jazz performance and composition and to be honest she couldn't have opted for a more apt place to study then the home of The Beatles, Liverpool.

It was during this time she had the fortune of meeting her future husband, Bass Player Sean Davey. It was also then she took part in a solo vocal piano performance on the main stage of the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall.

Jessica aced her degree with first class honours and then moved to the bright lights of London, where she performed not only regularly with Jazz FM Artist Kate Threlfall, the duo even performed at the opening of The Boisdale, Canary Wharf where Jools Holland was the host for the evening but also on her own at various songwriter nights.

In 2011 Jessica tied the knot with Sean Davey in a small ceremony in Nashville, Tennessee before the happy couple relocated to Sean's home town of Taunton, Somerset.

In addition to her solo performances, Jessica is also in a 7 piece Latin Band Salsation.

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