Sunday, 30 March 2014

The musical magnificence of The Incarnation by Eurielle

I'll Be Waiting begins with a orchestric arrangement reminiscent of old school Bond Movies and then Eurielle's silky vocals wash over you, whilst a Poppy instrumental arrangement dazzles your auditory senses.

Waterfalls is a unique musical mix with a multitude of instruments entertaining us and Eurielle beautifully showcasing her captivating vocal range.

Gold features a unique intro, it's hard to tell if the effects are vocal or instrumental. 

The melody crescendos and treats us to catchy percussion beats, beautiful vocals and sensuous lyrics. 

The Incarnation truly is three tracks of musical magnificence, from its vocals to its lyrics to its instrumentals, everything is first class.

Eurielle is originally from North Yorkshire but is currently based in London, having studies at the Royal Academy of Music as a classical soprano with a vocal scholarship on the Bachelor of Music course from 2007 to 2011.

In 2010 she had the pleasure of getting introduced to Ryan Laubscher (a multi platinum producer who previously worked with the likes of Katherine Jenkins, Russell Watson and Pixie Lott)

Eurielle and Ryan started writing and recording together and have produced 14 songs including those featured on the EP. the Album should be out this year.

Eurielle's music has been compared to Enya, Evanescence, Bat For Lashes, Bjork, Ellie Goulding, Madonna, Dido and James Bond Soundtracks.

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  1. I would like the song lyrics if that is possible. Also, 14 songs?....NICE! I have seen only 3 listed on incarnations. Your music videos are quite the production really....small movie sets it seems. Will you do or do you have a music video for waterfall? I google-searched for lyrics for this song but alas could find none.
    Can you post them please? Lastly, is waterfall available on itunes? If I like the lyrics, i'll buy it!! Good luck with the rest of the production....I'll be waiting...haha

  2. I'm just a blogger with passion for Indie Music, may I suggest you try tweeting @eurielle_music (the singer) and asking her. :)