Monday 24 March 2014

After a brief musical interlude Resonance are back on the scene with some new beats

Mister Policeman is a catchy tune that grabs your attention from the first beat.

The guitar arrangements are as slick as one would expect and Radhika's vocals are on point as always.

In their own words Mister Policeman sits squarely in the funk bracket, opening with a rhythmic, guitar laced groove and never letting up. With a brazen, infectious beat and a selection of dynamic rhythms, it's dark but fun - catchy and energetic enough to turn an acoustic performance of the song into an impromptu jam at a recent gig.

Mister Policeman is recorded by Dave Moore (Part of the X-Factor/BGT Sound Team and he also worked on Skyfall) and mastering duties were the responsibility of John Davis (Led Zeppelin, U2, Lana Del Ray and Paloma Faith).

Resonance have made it their goal to really put themselves on the musical map.

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