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The Hardcore Beats Of Hurricane Jim

With hardcore beats and smooth vocals, Loaded Gun is a beast of a track, this is right up the street of Rock fans everywhere and with some first class Guitar arrangements Loaded Gun deserves a gold star in the Rock Anthem Category.

Hurricane Jim were formed by James L Brown and Craig Fletcher in 2013. They originally intended to be a Stoner Band but whilst writing, performing and experimenting with sounds, something new but just as musically beautiful came into existence.

The band's current line up are James and Craig on Guitar and Vocals, Andy on Bass and they are currently looking for a drummer to join their ranks.

Hurricane Jim was very kind enough to spare a few minutes out of their very hectic schedule to answer a few questions for us.

How did you get into music in the first place?
I was listening to some fairly choice titles when I was young including Kylie's first album and Salt N Pepas 'A Salt with a Deadly Pepper'. 

The first time I heard Queen was when that all changed. I started to learn Bass and worked my way up the rock and metal heaviness scale. From Queen to Maiden, from Maiden to Motorhead, from Motorhead to Fear Factory. 

At this time I learned guitar and drums and this influenced a more mellow streak in me over the years. But those were my early times with music. I was certainly a metal Kid through and through.

Who were your musical influences?
The most significant ones have been Lemmy, Devin Townsend, David Gilmour, Mike Patton, Cliff Burton. Tell you what. What a supergroup that would make. Talk about dream team.

Craig from the band is into the more alternative scene. The Beatles, Supergrass.

This blend of influences is what gives us our sound and approach to Hurricane Jim.   

What tunes are currently on repeat on your Mp3 Player?
The Album Gravity X by the band Truckfighters. That band are the best kept secret I know. 

What’s your life outside of music?
I have a regular job in a factory that produces Malt. I have a 13 year old son who's getting great on guitar and played his first gig as a singer just yesterday. Very well he did too. 

I hang around with the wife at home with our little tiny Jack Russell, and watch as many horror films as I can fit in when not doing music stuff. (which isn't that often these days). 

If you could collaborate with any singer who would it be?
David Gilmour, but that question is very hard when you really start to think.

What’s your favourite genre of music?
These days, probably Desert Rock. 

What’s next for you musically?
We have a load of songs written. First up is a Video for Loaded Gun. Then hopefully a small batch of gigs later in the year. We're very busy at the moment so it's a bit of a juggling act.  

What are your strengths and weaknesses?
Being impulsive. That covers both pretty well. 

Where do you draw inspiration for your song lyrics?
My lyrics are all death and mayhem. Thats the horror and metal in me still trying to get out. 
Craig from the band tends to write about specific events, where as i'm more metaphorical I'd say. It makes for some interesting and varied songs when it all comes together. 

What is your guilty pleasure?
Static X

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