Sunday 1 February 2015

Sentient City showcases an eclectic mix of smooth melodic beats that are perfect for chilling out to

The Light Dreams returns with Sentient City which is a darker follow up album to Traces -

Sentient City showcases an eclectic mix of smooth melodic beats and captivating synthesized rhythms that are perfect for chilling out to.

Approach begins with a deep and atmospheric mix and then transitions into catchy synth beats.

Frenetic entertains us with captivating beats and a first class production.

First Light features a blend of ethereal beats and synthesized melodies, which are perfect to chill out to.

Lost In The Crowd has more of an edge to it, as the beats have a heavier feel to them.

Hidden Underworld features a catchy synth pop arrangement whilst the bass line is perfect for those who like their music that little bit heavier.

Subculture starts with a smooth melody before rolling out a addictive array of beats.

Fear Of The Dark cranks up the tempo with faster beats and a powerful bass line but the melody is still gentle on the ears.

Sentience dazzles us with its beautiful melodic arrangement, whilst featuring a subtle blend of heavier beats.

Under Observation presents a beautiful arrangement of electronic beats that have an orchestric vibe about them.

Everywhere And Nowhere is a pleasant mixture of electronic beats.

Enforcement Mechanism delivers catchy percussion beats and a catchy arrangement.

Regeneration concludes Sentient City with a beautiful assortment of synthesized melodies.

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