Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Walking To Dreamland is a cool mix of catchy beats and beautiful vocals

David Arn has been a singer/songwriter since 2011 and he is best known for his lyrical style, his back catalogue so far includes Postmodern days and the recently released Walking To Dreamland.

Walking To Dreamland is a cool mix of catchy percussion and piano and combined with David's voice and slick riffs results in a delightful melody.

Better Off Today features a delightful blend of instrumental beats, smooth vocals and slick guitar riffs and beautiful lyrics.

Even In A Town Of Seven Churches (Odds Are Even) has more of an acoustic feel to it and the haunting sound of the violin adds to the musical ambiance.

Real Time is a soft melody with heart felt lyrics among silky smooth instrumentals that are a delight to the ears, especially the brass arrangement.

When You Lost Your Situation is a catchy tune with upbeat lyrics, captivating instrumentals and first class lyrics.

Rosalina's Music (Nexus Chokehold) delivers a haunting melody and deep and heartfelt lyrics bought to life by David's first class vocals.

Hungry Kisses is a upbeat number and David serves up beautiful vocals among the delightful melody.

Something More Between Us treats us to a cheerful mix of instruments and also David's smooth vocal performance and thumbs up to the guest vocalist.

The Last Word is a catchy tune and also features powerful lyrics and wonderful guitar riffs.

Water Lilies wraps up the album with elegant beats and heartfelt lyrics delivered by David's beautiful voice - what a magnificent way to conclude the second album.

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