Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Project Dirty are back with more morphenomenal music

Project Dirty's origins began in 2002 when the founding members Rhett Fisher - (Vocalist/Keyboard) and Micah Faulkner (Guitarist) met through friends.

They formed Manic Minds, which led to a record deal and three years later an album was unveiled, they then performed on the LA Nightclub circuit and even had the honour of opening for N'Sync - this saw their fan base develop.

The duo soon realized their music label was falling apart and soon after it dissolved, they then wondered what to do next - after a four year hiatus they started producing and writing a new record without any assistance or involvement from a record label - this was most rewarding for them especially in terms of growth.

They release two EPs - Act 1 and Act 2 which fused pop, dance and party rock to create sure fire hits. Their most recent release was their 2nd full length album Bluefire and Skywalker is the first single from the album, Skywalker received extensive airplay not only in the USA but also in Germany, Australia, Venuzuela and Brazil

Just In Time is from the band's forthcoming EP and delivers catchy beats and a captivating vocal performance, it looks like Project Dirty have come up with another sure fire hit.

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