Friday, 13 February 2015

The Novatones are a four piece band that showcase captivating percussion beats and smooth guitar chords

The Novatones are a four piece band based in the blossoming Southampton Music scene.

The band are made up of Anthony on Guitar / Lead Vocals, Sean on Drums, Mackenzie on Guitar / Backing Vocals and Toby on Bass / Backing Vocals, they describe themselves as "hard grafting, hard hitting well dressed punk with a sound that smacks you in the face."

Thanks to their no holds barred live performance they've become more popular and supported The Ordinary Boys at the Isle Of Wight Festival, this boosted their fan base even more by showcasing their music to a whole new audience.

Sunday Romance is the final chapter in a musical trilogy that takes place over the weekend - Friday to Sunday.

This EP is to let the fans know that nothing has changed, even though they have undergone a change in line up.

Daddy didn't know features catchy and energetic instrumental beats alongside powerful vocals which deliver deep and emotive lyrics.

Forever Tonight entertains us with a killer guitar arrangement, those riffs are rather addictive and also thumbs up to another on point vocal performance.

Western Song showcases captivating percussion beats and more smooth guitar chords.

Tell Me presents an outstanding instrumental arrangement, especially in the guitar department plus the vocals are spot on as well.

Be Yourself concludes the EP with a slower tempo, a minimal instrument arrangement and softer vocals in the first half and also The Novatones trademark arrangement both of which are equally enjoyable thanks to this talented group of musicians.

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