Saturday, 31 January 2015

Norwegian Based Pole Position deliver killer guitar riffs and powerful vocals from lead vocalist Cecilie Helle

Pole Position are a Norwegian Melodic Hard Rock/Metal Band who were formed in 2012 by Kurt to create a band that's both entertaining to watch and listen to.

The current lineup has been performing since 2013 and is made up of 

Torger Lødemel - Songwriting
Sindre Myskja - Guitar, Songwriting, Composer
Cecilie Helle - Vocals, Songwriting, promo
John Gamlem - Bass
Kurty - Guitar

Initially they started life as a cover band but early 2014 saw them working on original material and this led to them releasing their debut EP in October, with another two to follow soon after.

World Is Turning is chock full of killer guitar riffs and Cecilie's powerful vocals which are simply impressive, especially when coupled with the electrifying percussion beats. In addition to outstanding vocals and electric beats Pole Position also deliver anthemic lyrics.

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