Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Time to get funktastic uptown with The Jimi Newton Project

Jimi Newton is an American Guitarist and one of his musical projects involves him collaborating with international musicians that he meets online and one of them is Marri Nallos from the Philippines and together they created Uptown Funk, which features 13 outstanding melodies - each with their own unique musical delights for our ears.

Make A Better Place is a lively upbeat melody with powerful vocals and catchy beats - a real delight to the ears.

The remix of Make A Better Place gives it a funky feel whilst not overshadowing the radiant vocals.

Time To Turn It Around is funktastic thanks to infectious beats and Marri's vocals which are simply captivating.

Hope entertains us with vocals that have a retro feel to them and Jimi and Marri dazzle us with more addictive beats and if that wasn't enough the tow remixes are equally first class as they don't over do it with the enhancements - remix no 2 is more to my musical tastes as it has more of a subtle feel to it then remix no 1,

2015 features more bass as well as a lively mixture of electro beats but I love the closing segment, this is also the only track not to feature any vocals.

Standing Here Tonight is outstanding with not only the vocal performances but also the beauty of the lyrics.

Uptown Funk (remix) serves up funky beats, first class vocals and the brass segment is sublime, the Jimi Newton project have a flawless knack for creating wondrous music.

Uptown Funk is more wonderful then the remix, thanks to the lack of the "rap" effect.

Worlds (remix) features powerful beats and up tempo vocals - a true Ibiza anthem if ever there was one.

Reflection is funktastic, a true musical masterpiece with its retro vocals and the disco beats - perfect for getting your dance floor groove on.

Reggae Gig wraps up this outstanding album with smooth reggae beats.
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