Monday, 5 January 2015

Dual Language Pop/Rock courtesy of Singer/Songwriter Selina

Selina is a unique Rock/Pop Singer/Songwriter and she's unique in the sense that she releases music in both Japanese and English.

Born and raised in London, she started studying music from an early age - initially it was singing and the classical piano but before long she had expanded to both the guitar and bass guitar.

Her passion for music saw her enroll at Newcastle University on a contemporary music degree, after she graduated and motivated by her interest in Japanese culture, she started learning japanese - the cultural interest transcends into her music which draws influence from anime and video game music.

2014 saw the digital release of both her debut single Home and the follow up track Requiem, both of which were produced by Adam Leaver.

Requiem features addictive instrumental hooks, powerful vocals and lyrics that pack an emotional punch.

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