Thursday, 15 January 2015

Beautiful Guitar Riffs from The Tall Poppies

One cold dark winter's day Susan and Catherine found themselves in London with just a Bass, Guitar and broken PC.

Having started writing lyrics from the age of nine they finally bit the bullet and decided to start performing. They took their music as far away from home as possible and found themselves in the heart of London's music scene with the odd jaunt to Scotland and France.

They earnt themselves a residency in Islington and after much deliberation the Tall Poppies was born, most of their music is original and each week they write a new song to keep their music fresh.

Susan briefly returned home to Australia whilst Catherine stayed in the UK, it was during this period where the twin sisters both wrote the same song at the same time - spooky eh?. It was also during this time their younger brother Alex honed his drumming skills so this led to the trio recording their first album - Thursday.

The second album - All The Rave was recorded both here and in Australia, following on from this they gained a violinist Diarmuid and Doug (formerly of Noah And The Whales fame) replaced Alex on drums.

2015 will see Tall Poppies not only tour but also release an EP, with the help of producer Paul 

Suzy features some beautiful guitar riffs, smooth vocals and beautiful lyrics - a real musical tonic for the winter blues.

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