Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Stretch entertain us with an eclectic blend of Hip-Hop, Pop and Rock/Metal

Stretch are a musical duo consisting of Kyal Randolph and Dillon Koprowski, these two have blended Hip-Hop, Pop and Rock/Metal to create something musically unique.

Awkward At Its Finest is Stretch's debut album and it showcases the duo's lyrical and musical talents with 14 outstanding tracks.

Cardigan (Like Me) features some heavy instrumentals and lyrics that are semi quirky and relevant to life in equal proportions.

Awkward is chock full of rock beats as well as some catchy rhymes.

Love Potion #9 showcases lightning fast instrumentals especially on the percussion front.

Run Run Run is outstanding with its energetic guitar arrangement, powerful lyrics and a catchy vocal performance.

Sky Is Falling dazzles us with an eclectic mix of instrumental beats and somber lyrics and Jess Ampiaw's guest vocals are simply beautiful.

Dammit I Miss You is a blend of a gentle and upbeat piano arrangement and sad lyrics which are delivered as part of a cheery vocal performance.

Bringing Down The House serves up lightning fast verses.

All Night Long delivers a gentle melody and catchy rhymes.

The instrumental track has an ethereal feel to it and the vocals are smooth even though the lyrical content of Glass House is gritty.

Miss Me When I'm Gone treats us to a delightful Guitar arrangement and the wonderful guest vocals of Kevin Palmer.

Thunder And Lightning delivers smooth beats and lyrics that are both passionate and somber.

Love Song is full to the brim with first class melodic beats.

Cardigan (Pt II) rolls out catchy beats.

Sound Of Silence launches with a dazzling Guitar melody and then the duo serve up super fast lyrics and instrumentals.

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