Monday, 26 May 2014

Punk Rockers Worth Taking release a 6 track cover EP

Worth Taking was born out of Jerod McBrayer's love of Bleed American by Jimmy Eats World.

2011 saw the release of Worth Taking's first EP - Anxious which featured Jerod performing all the vocals and instrumentals himself. The end result was a well rounded five track EP which showcased Jerod's command of simple irrestible melodies, without sacrificing the punk feel.

Jerod then felt in order to find like minded band members it would be best to head West and he ended up in San Fransisco. It wasn't long before he was introduced to Tim Reeder and Chris Self, the trio instantly clicked and 2012 saw them knee deep in lyrics and live performances. Jerod still wrote all the songs for the follow up EP - Oddly Pacific, however now Worth Taking were a 4 piece band. 

2013 saw them tour Japan and with their fans loving Oddly Pacific, they thought now was the right time to release a full length album - this is due for release on August 12th and is titled Art Imitates Art.

Maria opens with a belter of a intro and the vocals certainly pack a punch.

The Empire is just as energetic when it comes to the instrumentals, lyrically this is a more somber track but regardless of the tone Mike Herrera is a great choice as guest vocalist.

I Wanna Live starts with super charged guitar riffs and the instrumental arrangement throughout the whole song are on point and I love the catchy guitar halfway through plus the lyrics convey a motivational message about making the best out of life.

2000 Light Years Away is chock full of percussion beats and a lightning fast guitar segment.

My Life Story opens with another corker of a instrumental arrangement and more powerful but also smooth sounding vocals.

I Just Want To Have Something To Do is punk rock at its best with its highly charged instrumental beats.

Punker Than Thou contains 6 classic tracks from the likes of Green Bay and The Ramones which Worth Taking have added their unique lyrical and instrumental twist to.

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