Saturday 3 May 2014

MyMusic is a comical look at the music industry and Internet generation today

I was fortunate enough to be introduced to this hilarious web series by a cool online friend.

The Fine Brothers offer a comedic take on among other things the state of the music industry today.

With a multitude of entertaining characters each of which represent an element of today's music genres combined with elements of Internet culture, the show has something for everyone.

Scene and Indie have to be my favourites, Lainey does a cracking job of bringing Scene to life and using Boxxy as the inspiration for this character was genius. I also strongly recommend you check out Lainey Lipson's youtube channel cos in addition to her comedic talents she also has a great voice.

Casting Adam Busch as Indie was also a great choice and as a die hard of Buffy, I'm even more pleased.

The other characters also have their moments in the spotlight, particularly Intern 2 and also Techno and Dubstep. I'll also throw in an honourary mention to The Devil and all the wonderful guest stars The Fine Brothers managed to get involved in MyMusic - Vanessa Lengies, Rebecca Black and the awesome Felicia Day.

The ironic thing is I've just launched my own music promo company so I can relate to the character of Indie, plus as I'm also a contributer to a Hip Hop site but am not a big hip hop fan I can also relate to Nerdcore especially as I'm also a big Dr Who fan.


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  1. Do you know More or Les Doctor Who album? He's nerdcore!