Monday 2 June 2014

Callia Bara unveils her Sex Bomb EP

Summa That opens with a smooth and chilled intro, with Callia's soulful vocals entertaining us alongside some cool instrumental beats.

BTS begins with a sublime instrumental intro, which quickly transforms into more energetic beats whilst Callia's vocals seduce our ears.

Badly commences with powerful beats, which work well with Callia's amazing vocals.

Ftureable has done a wonderful job on the production of this EP.

Callia (pronounced Kuh Lee Ah) Bara is everything - A Singer, Songwriter, Dancer, Musician, Performance Artist, Creative Director, Cinephile and Pop Cult Fanatic.

Since her school days her passion for music has been never ending, Callia has tried her hand at Choir, Band and Ensembles plus outside of School she made her name as a solo performer in the Underground Art Scene.

She is versatile and can easily lend her hand to writing, singing and performing a wide variety of music genres. The visual side of things are a core part of her musical performances.

Callia's main inspirations come from a variety of sources such as Old Hollywood Movies, Pop Art, Frank Sinatra and Jessica Rabbit as is obvious from the style of her music videos.

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