Tuesday, 13 May 2014

How Not To Cut A Buffalo by The Broken Broadcast

How Not To Cut A Buffalo


A Prelude, An Introduction can only be described by one word Orchestric.

This Is My Wilderness opens with powerful percussion beats and a catchy piano arrangement, plus the lyrics have a quirky charm to them and I love the brass segment.

Tiptop (So Long Goodbye) is a slower melody with a smooth vocal intro, the lyrics have a somber feel to them - which is made further apparent by the instrumentals.

The Muskox Parade features a smooth guitar melody accompanied by equally smooth vocals which morph into catchy pop beats and big up the quaint sound of the Banjo.

Sea Coal Collectors is a laid back tune with the haunting sounds of the Cello.

We're Just Waiting For Our Friends is a delightful upbeat song with another eclectic choice of instruments and upbeat lyrics.

Interlude And Hope is another somber number but you have to admire the twang of the Banjo.

Le Loup features catchy drum beats and beautiful vocals.

[Swim] again mixes things up musically by featuring a Glockenspiel which complement the inspirational lyrics.

Everything That's Mine Is Yours is a emotionally stirring song with its vocals and instrumentals, both of which are guaranteed to move you and hats off to the beautiful sounds of the ocean.

Broken Broadcast are a 7 piece Indie/Folk band from Teesside and this is their debut album.
The Band's mission statement is to bring West Coast Americana Lo-Fi Folk to the UK.

Their current line up is

James Riggall: Guitar/Vocals/Hammond/Drums
Gary Hughes: Bass/Vocals/Percussion
Snowy: Guitar/Vocals/Percussion
Mark Davies: Banjo//Vocals/Keys
Alexandria Readman: Cornet/Percussion
Emma Riggall: Drums/Percussion

plus they also have 5 honourary members who lend a hand from time to time.

Carolyn Reilly: Melodica/Glock/Vocals
Jonny Snowball: Drums
William Holton: Guitar
Bex Wright: Cello
Nigel Crinson: Strings

Website - http://www.thebrokenbroadcast.com/
Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/thebrokenbroadcast
Twitter - http://twitter.com/brokenbroadcast
Youtube - http://www.youtube.com/user/TBBTV1/videos
Soundcloud - http://soundcloud.com/thebrokenbroadcast

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