Wednesday 21 May 2014

Héllena and her captivating Dream Big Launch Party

To coincide with the launch of her single Dream Big, Héllena organised a launch party and this was a musical extravaganza to entertain one and all. 

Taking place at notable London Music Venue The Troubadour and with an amazing roster of musical performers, Héllena certainly knows how to put on a show.

First up on the billing was Damon Coles, his bio describes him as a singer/songwriter.

His main musical influences include 60s music like the Beatles and his repertoire includes 
original rock with a hint of blues and soulful ballads.

Let me tell you Damon certainly lives up to his description. 

His set consisted of 7 songs 

- which showcased his powerful vocals, lyrical expertise and instrumental technique.

My favourite song from his performance is without a doubt - Which Way Its Going To Go. 

The way he interspersed the lyrics and instrumentals was simply out standing.

Next up was Kat Eaton, whose vocal style can be best described as Jazzy. 

She really gives it her all onstage and with an equally talented band supporting her, 
Kat is musically outstanding.

Her performance of her current single Alien, demonstrated her fab vocal technique and how she effortlessly holds a note. 

This probably had to be the piece de resistance of her 5 song set.

Kat has a new EP, which will be released on June the 16th.

The penultimate act featured two talented vocalists. Jana and Harvey, who performed four songs.

The first of which was Indigo, which highlighted their Bluesy/Folksy style.

With the crowd already in the party mood thanks to three exceptional acts and the DJ, it was time for Héllena and her band to take to the stage.

Their set began with the energetic number Listen and it didn't take long to realise that Héllena is a dab hand at captivating the audience.

The air guitar was an inspiration, they then went on to perform Don't Change, Heaven's A Lie (which was a cover of the Lacuna Coil classic), The Lovesong which featured an entertaining guitar riff and Living Alone.

Héllena then stripped the performance back to perform two mellow and acoustic numbers. 

Fighting With Myself - which featured a beautiful piano solo and A Little Too Late.

In addition to her powerful vocals Héllena's musical skills also extend to the Guitar and with vocal, musical and lyrical credentials at her finger tips. I can see her going far and I can't wait to see what she'll have in store for us next on the musical front.

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