Wednesday 9 April 2014

We Found Out's debut EP delivers powerful vocals and catchy instrumentals

We Found Out's self titled debut EP entertains us from the first beat thanks to powerful vocals and catchy instrumentals.

Three Summers is a great choice to introduce us to their EP especially with the catchy guitar riff.

Never Meant To Be further highlights their cool guitar skills and unforgettable vocal harmonics.

Butterflies begins with a belter of a intro and we are then graced with the beautiful vocals of We Found Out's talented line up, their female vocalist Emjay Doherty really shines in this song.

The band are made up of 5 members who create a unique dynamic in pop punk music. Their mixed lineup allows their music to convey two sides to every story, this ensures that their lyrics can relate to a wider audience.

They were formed in 2012 and consist of Emjay Doherty - Vocals,  Grant McCaw on Vocals/Rhythm Guitar, Ben Farrant on Lead Guitar, Connor Hudspith on Bass and Michael Todd on Drums and Percussion.

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