Wednesday 16 April 2014

The Beautiful Vocals of The Koniac Net

Abiogenesis is a 5 track EP which is a follow up to One Last Monsoon.

Rose Coloured Glasses is a smooth upbeat melody with catchy instrumental hooks beautiful vocals and positive lyrics.

Floor-less opens with an addictive beat and more smooth instrumentals.

Another Point Of View is a laid back tune with mellow vocals complimented by a first class instrumental arrangement.

Chasing After You begins with a delightful guitar intro, which transitions into laid back vocals before introducing us to more upbeat instrumentals, this has a more rocky feel then the preceding track.

The Ardent Companion That You Are is even more of a rock song then Chasing After You but the vocals are still enjoyable in places.

I'm more of a fan of the first three tracks as they showcase the best qualities of the band's vocal talent and instrumental mastery.

The debut album One Last Monsoon was spawned in Bombay, India where it was not only solely written by Singer/Songwriter David Abraham but also primarily recorded in his bedroom - an apt locale as the album pays homage to Indie and Alternative genres and the musicians that keep these genres alive.

The Koniac Net has been compared to the likes of The Stills, Smashing Pumpkins, Toadies and even Chris Isaac and The Deftones.

Songs from One Last Monsoon gained extensive coverage by getting airplay on 100 radio stations across 28 countries.

Following numerous requests to tour internationally, in June 2012 The Koniac Net expanded from a one man project to a 5 piece band.

David and The Koniac Net has received wide spread media coverage from GQ and Rolling Stone Magazine to MTV (India) and VH1 (India) as part of Vogue's Fashion Week, Delhi and their songs were even featured in Aussie Web Series - Flat Whites.

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  1. Fantastic feature, Boulent... thank you! Just a tiny correction though: the Fashion Week was part of VOGUE (not VH1). Vh1 & MTV solely played our music videos (and still are!)

    1. Thanks, I just corrected it.

    2. And their success continues. The band is FANTASTIC. And I am a huge FAN. The music is deeply captivating along with David's voice, that is like fine poetry......

  2. This is a beautifully written article! Big fan of The Koniac Net!