Friday 18 April 2014

Soulful Melodies thanks to Myles Sanko

Born in Black & White is Myles Sankos' debut album, which was released in June 2012. It features seven tracks which are a combination of Soul, Rock and Jazz.  

High On You is a Funky tune with a catchy intro and also upbeat poppy vocals, I especially love the Piano arrangement. 

So Hard To Stop is a soulful power ballad with a musically appealing instrumental arrangement.

Distance From You opens with a brassy jazz intro and entertains us with smooth lyrics and a funky instrumental hook. 

Come On Home features emotive vocals overlaid on a smooth instrumental bed.

Don't Let Me Down features powerful lyrical hooks and wonderful instrumentals. 

Goodbye Lady Goodbye entertains us with soulful guitar riffs and smooth vocals. 

Sea Of Fire is a smooth melody with beautiful lyrics and a delightful instrumental arrangement.

My favourite tracks from Myles debut album are Don't Let Me Down and Sea Of Fire, as musically I found them slightly more appealing then the other tracks.

The tracks have been skillfully produced so everything ends up sounding superb, with smooth vocals and outstanding instrumentals Born in Black & White is simply a real delight to soul fans everywhere.

After just under two years Myles is set to release his second album at a launch party which will take place at prestigious music venue The Jazz Cafe in Camden.

Here's a brief Q&A from the man himself about what his fans can expect from his eagerly anticipated follow up album to Born in Black & White.

1) What can people expect from your new album? 

Great songs with positive messages.

2) Would you say its different from your debut album? 

This album feels warmer and more emotional to me, with an old school approach.

3) Which would you say is your favourite track from it? 

To be honest I really like all the songs but "Forever Dreaming" & "To My Surprise" could be my fans.

4) Which track was the most fun to record? 

They where all fun to record as they where all recorded on a 3 day session one after the other. I added some vibraphone on "So Much Indeed" which was fun to do.

5) Can your fans expect any surprises from your launch party? 

We are the surprise but I am must say that this will be the fist gig with the full 8 piece band so it is pretty special.

6) Will anyone be supporting you at the launch party? 

We are currently trying to confirm someone really cool so it is a TBC for now.

Forever Dreaming is Myles's second album and contains 11 outstanding tracks.

The title track opens with a funky intro and Myles's soulful voice is pleasant as always and with upbeat and motivational lyrics and smooth instruments this song is a real gem.

Light In My Hand features a smooth guitar arrangement and mellow lyrics.

Shooting Star begins with a energetic intro and lyrics which tell a musical story about finding love.

So Much Indeed is a slow tune, which makes it perfect for a romantic occasion. 

Lonely Dreamers incorporates a delightful smooth instrumental arrangement including a flute.

To My Surprise includes the beautiful sounds of the flute.

Save My Soul features an eclectic mix of instruments which complement Myles smooth vocals.

Take A Look At Me Now opens with a first class instrumental arrangement especially the piano, which connect with Myles vocals like a musical Jigsaw Puzzle.

Where We Need To Be begins with a slick piano intro.

To My Surprise (Instrumental) is a nice and delightful track to conclude Myles' impressive second album.

Forever Dreaming entertains us with an assortment of tracks which showcase not only his soulful vocals but also some pretty impressive instrumental arrangements and productions for this.

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