Saturday 19 April 2014

The Powerful Vocals of Katy Haymer

Tall Trees opens with a uplifting piano arrangement and lyrics which compliment the instrumentals, Katy is a dab hand of combining sad lyrics with cheerful instrumentals.

Impacting Moments features a snazzy instrumental arrangement which are wonderful alongside Katy's powerful vocals.

Help Me begins with a catchy riff and a fast tempo which paves the way for upbeat lyrics that reflect on how life has a habit of passing us by in the blink of an eye especially when we have no one to share it with.

The Right Way features slick instrumentals and catchy lyrics.

Always features a elegant piano arrangement and beautiful vocals which deliver fab lyrics, this is such a uplifting song.

It's Written is another upbeat tune with Katy's strong vocals, a haunting violin arrangement and stirring heartfelt lyrics.

Do I Trust features delightful vocals which convey heartfelt lyrics, whilst complimented by a instrumental arrangement which wouldn't be out of place on a movie's soundtrack.

Oh My Honey opens with cool percussion beats and vocals which give a country feel to it, with a upbeat instrumental and saddish lyrics this is a bit of a musical enigma.

As I Wait begins with the smooth sounds of a guitar, this track has a melancholy feel to it thanks to the return of the haunting sounds of a violin and lyrics which convey the same mood.

I Need A Doctor features catchy instrumental hooks and emotive lyrics, that pluck at the heart strings.

Hearts Collide is a laidback acoustic number with radiant lyrics beside a minimal instrumental arrangement.

Katy Haymer hails from a long line of operatic singers and with a love of acoustic and folk music she is soon set to deliver her first album - Echoes Of The Heart, which is an anthology of love songs straight from the heart.

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