Wednesday 30 April 2014

The delightful blues vocals of Screamin' Miss Jackson and Slap Ya Mama Big Band

Let Her Go features catchy instrumental hooks including the beautiful sounds of the Banjo and if that wasn't enough we are also entertained by the delightful vocals of the band's talented lineup.

Shady Grove is a slower paced melody with its Blues inspired arrangement, this ballad is just as entertaining.

These two tunes are from Screamin' Miss Jackson and Slap Ya Mama Big Band most recent album.

This eight piece band describe themselves as one of the newest and brightest addition to the UK Root Music circuit.

With a pretty impressive lineup both in terms of not only their vocals abilities but also their instrumental variety, which ranges from Guitars to Banjos to Harmonica - heck they even have a Suitcase Drum Kit.

The band were formed in 2013 and their genres are a mixture of Western Swing, Jug Band Blues, Hokum Blues, Ragtime, Cajun and Roots-Of-Country.

Screamin' Miss April Jackson: Washboard & Vocals

Marc 'MR' Griffiths: Guitar, Banjo & Vocals

Miss Becca Philip: Guitar & Vocals

Mark "Howlin' Lord" Legassick: Mandolin, Slide guitar & Vocals

Miss Suzi P: Vocals

Henry Slim: Harmonica & Vocals

Roy Smith: Double Bass 

Boggy: Suitcase Drumkit

They have already performed at Bristol's Harbourside festival, opened this year's world famous Old Duke Jazz Fest and also headlined the Bordello Stage at Mischief Festival

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