Sunday 6 April 2014

The delightful vocals of Bristol Singer/Songwriter Natalie Holmes

Today sees the release of Natalie's latest EP - Over and Out, with 5 elegant melodies which effortlessly showcase Natalie's musical prowess as not only a first class vocalist but also as a musician and songwriter extraordinaire - both lyrically and musically she's come along long way since Good Morning Sleepyhead.

iTunes - Over and Out EP

Don't Know Me is a mellow melody and with its catchy instrumentals it makes for a enjoyable tune. I first had the pleasure of seeing a strip backed version of this at The Garage, Islington.

Fireman features heart felt and moving lyrics, Natalie's lyrical wizardy certainly has a way of connecting with you emotionally and making you feel you're part of the song.

With a elegant intro All I Ask is another heart felt number and this time it's about treating good people the way they deserve.

Running features a smooth intro, a elegant instrumental arrangement and Natalie's smooth vocals - this is such a enjoyable tune and also without a doubt it's my favourite song on the EP.

Brother starts with a memorable piano intro and stirring vocals, Natalie's voice really moves you with this song - this is such a short but nonetheless beautiful melody.

Musically Natalie continues to go from strength to strength , whether it's with her solo material or the start of her new musical project, Winter Springs - one thing is for certain Miss Holmes is a first class musical entertainer.

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