Monday 21 October 2013

Presenting you with Shantel's latest album Anarchy and Romance

Shantel's latest album Anarchy and Romance features 14 tracks and is due for digital release on October 21 with a physical release on November 4.

His vocals are lively and upbeat plus the instrumentals have a Greco-Turkic vibe to them and on some tracks Shantel’s music sounds Ska like.

13th Shake is my favourite song due mainly to the fast paced rhythm; also the song’s brass segment deserves a mention. Paranoia Bunk and Your Nose is Punk are also worth highlighting because of their fast tempo which is guaranteed to get your head nodding.

With the exception of the ethnic instrumental style The Masterplan and Multiple Assimilation wouldn’t be out of place on an album by The Kaiser Chiefs. Emma Greenfield’s soothing vocals and lyrical skills are perfect for Lenny Soda.

Slow down is easily comparable to the Rock and Roll hit Great Balls of Fire. Nice use of the harmonica at the end of the Kiez is alright, great guitar riffs on Golden which fit seamlessly with Cherilyn Macneil’s delightful voice. The closing track Super Bad Day has a bit of a sombre feel in places.

Shantel is talented enough to lend his hand to a variety of musical genres and accompanied by talented singer/songwriters ensure Anarchy and Romance is a thoroughly enjoyable album to listen to.

Shantel and the Bucovina Club Orkestar are set to tour Europe starting in Germany on November 13 and concluding in Austria on December 18, during which they will perform at the Electric Brixton on December 12.

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