Friday, 25 October 2013

Death in Texas are back to entertain us with their second EP Pluck

Pluck -

Sonic Switchblade

Pluck is a four track EP and includes Death in Texas's previous single Oil & The Water along side Fear of the Hundred, Sonic Switchblade and Pluck.

Fear of the Hundred once again showcases Ruth's beautiful vocals, which are seamlessly complemented by the drum beats and the beautiful sound of the piano.

Sonic Switchblade opens with a lullabyesque intro and then effortlessly transitions into something which could easily be compared with a Bond Movie theme tune and also top marks for their musical tribute to Can't take my eyes off you which was originally performed by Frankie Valli.

Pluck starts with a wonderful instrumental intro and Ruth's vocals are spot on as always, plus Pluck has a Motown feel to it.

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