Friday, 18 October 2013

Here's the latest single Understand from UK Rapper AJ Mears

Understand -

AJ's latest single showcases talented and relevant lyrics with catchy instruments, Understand is free to download from

Here is AJ's official biography from his soundcloud

AJ Mears is a 25 year old Staffordshire-based recording artist with his own unique hip-hop/pop style.

He was know as Mears from a hip-hop duo called mTwo and had built a strong fan base holding 38.000+ views on there music videos performing and having there music played on BBC radio 1 , BBC West Midlands and TCR radio just to name a few. They even made it into the top 100 hip-hop/rap charts on itunes with there single 'Enjoy the show'

Since then AJ Mears has spread his wings as a solo artist and is working on collaborations with other artists aswell as his own material which he plans to release to the world showing off his full potential as a solo up and coming UK recording artist.

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