Tuesday 15 October 2013

Introducing you to a talented singer/bass player originally from the shores of Australia, Katie J White

I first came across her music when Francis of Muzical Mindz shared her Facebook page with me, it's a shame I missed her live performance on September 13th.

Katie is a bass player/songwriter from South West Australia, initially performing with the double bass and then electric, she has now turned her attention to the Boomslang. She has received rave reviews from producers, musicians and event organizers alike.

"Fabulous debut recording effort. Sounds sweet! Nice diversity of songs. Good use of instrumentation... and some very nice bass playing too!"

Noah Shilkin - Producer/Engineer. Owner and Creative Director Sonic Lolly and The Lollybox Studios. 

Earlier this year she released a 9 track album.


Her voice is acoustic gold, smooth and such a delight to listen to and she's also a talented musician. The sound of the bass is a joy to the ears and combined with her vocals, the album is a thing of musical beauty. Each track is the musical equivalent of vintage wine, that has had the chance to reach its peak.

With a great band backing Katie and first class production, all tracks are a delight to listen to and like a fine wine should be savoured then so should Katie's music. I hope one day I get to see this superb musician perform live.

Website - www.katiejwhite.com

Post By - Boulent Mustafa
Twitter - @OBsMusicUk

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