Wednesday 2 October 2013

Introducing InsertAudio, a DJ/Producer who is fairly new to the scene

If you're into your experimental Hip Hop and/or UK Bass then you can do no worse then listen to Slvr -

You're probably all wondering who InsertAudio is well wonder no further, InsertAudio is 25 year old Conor Carmody. His production style is mostly electronic based but it is also influenced by other genres and as a big fan of all styles of music he likes to rework and make them his own.

Conor started DJing from a young age and then turned his attention to production as he also wanted to play his own music as well.

Three years ago he upped his production game and hasn't looked back since, currently he is working on his debut EP. This EP will be a fusion of experimental Hip Hop and UK Bass as Conor is a big fan of these genres.

Following his EP's release, we can expect an instrumental LP and also some DJ Gigs to showcase his new material.

Post By - Boulent Mustafa
Twitter - @OBsMusicUk

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