Monday 12 August 2013

Presenting Under A Banner

Some Stories -

Some Stories features a heart warming melody accompanied by a catchy instrumental arrangement and the lyrics are wonderful and all these elements result in a tune, which reels you in and leaves you no choice but to hit repeat and as this track was released in aid of Help For Heroes then there's no excuse to head over to iTunes pronto.

Under A Banner have been making powerful, passionate and poetic alternative rock for almost three years. This ‘alternative’ folk-tinged band have forged not just another band but something in which people are becoming emotionally invested in.

The last year has seen the band (who perform as a full electric/acoustic unit or as a trimmed-down acoustic 3 piece) support New Model Army; have their music used by the charity Safe World for Women; be played on dozens of online and FM radio stations, including Stafford FM; be featured in Indie Shaman magazine; play many gigs and festivals and gather the support of thousands of loyal fans in such diverse locations as South America, Poland and Indonesia.

With almost 10000 Twitter followers and a considerable following both locally and much further afield, Under A Banner are growing rapidly.

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