Saturday, 10 August 2013

Presenting the phenomenal Merkage

Merkage Music is the talented Birmingham based Free Style Rapper Owen Peters, he is one very talented individual and Have You Ever is a testimony to that, Merkage currently works alongisde Deadbeatz (

Owen started writing lyrics at 14, at first it was just a pastime but in the three years that followed he started taking it more seriously and became passionate about it and motivated by his friends and family's recognition of his talent.
The next step was to record free style videos on Youtube and Facebook and also recorded his own music at home, as he wanted people to notice and enjoy his songs.

Following on from this he started writing about real life and in particular elements from his own life, which led to the well accepted My Life and this motivated Owen even further and as a result it helped expand his fanbase.

The real break came in March 2013 after the release of RIP Christina Edkins, in honour of the school girl who was stabbed to death on a Bus, the response was amazing and it achieved 160,000 views on Youtube and his fanbase shot up overnight.

This has presented Owen and Merkage with many wonderful opportunities such as events/shows, video shoots, modelling and photoshoots. In two years Owen has had astounding success and hopefully this is a sign of bigger and better things to come.

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