Friday, 23 August 2013

Presenting Midé

Midé is a talented musician with a soulful voice, which is a delight to listen to. The Mainstream track of his latest EP is such a feel good tune.

Midé is a London-based, twenty-something year old, singer/songwriter. “I worked hard writing songs and composing music long before it hit me that this is who I am”. Midé has been mesmerizing audiences with his third arm (Guitar) and soulful voice before and since the launch of his debut EP: “Travellin’ Light”. The videos for both the title track and the bonus track have gone down as a favourite for many and as a step in the right direction for the Acoustic-Soul man.

“I’ve always had a creative streak and in my early teens it came out in the form of art. I was always drawing up comic (well comical) superheroes and cartoons. Somehow, through college, it grew into a liking for arts and music and literature. I began rapping (just shy of mediocre) and I did – well I thought I was a rapper for a couple of years.

As I got older, the streak seemed to mature from petty ill-composed lyrics into structured rhyme and meanings took form and before long, Poesy was replacing rap. Its awkward watching the whole process in yourself, like trying to watch the summer breeze – you know its there and you feel it moving but you don’t see it happening.”

Midé calls it Acoustic Soul and there is no denying the soul in the delightful songs and melodies he delivers. Ever since listening to “Continuum” and “Room For Squares” by John Mayer, a big influence in Midé’s sound, he has developed so much as a songwriter; you only need to hear “Change is a ‘comin” from his upcoming record to understand.

Midé also cites Israel Houghton, Eric Clapton, Jonathan Butler and a host of other greats (united by their expressiveness, soul and their guitars) as his inspiration.

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