Wednesday 14 August 2013

Presenting JproD (Parental Advisory)

Parental Advisory -

Trill Shit, I really mean that is one of the tracks from JProd's forthcoming Regal Project.

JProd is a lyrical poet and his tracks are well crafted tunes which will appeal to fans of the rap genre due to catchy melodies.

To get a clearer idea of exactly who JprodD here is a biography that he was kind enough to e-mail over.

"If I could define my music in one word, that word would be real. Trill sh**.

I make music for people who live like me to relate to and paint a picture for those who don't live like me. 

Everything I write in my music is based on real life influences. Mostly everything that I saw, I have seen happen or has happened to me. 

I like to categorize my music as "Lifestyle music". I do not like to limit myself and say "Lifestyle Rap" because I feel I am much more than just a rapper. I feel I am a music artist. I am influenced through all types of music

If you were to ever see me around the way, you would see my actions and my lingo really do reflect exactly what I am giving you in my music.

Over the course of my life I have realized that life is way to short to not do what you want to do. You should always do what feels right to you, even if people don't agree or necessarily like it. 

You have to be you.

It is all about asking yourself , "Could I die tomorrow and be happy with what I did Today?"

I feel my music has extreme crossover mainstream potential. I try to write lyrics that are really relatable to anybody in any situation. I try to capture my feelings at that exact moment. At one time or another, everyone has felt sad, scared, turnt up, angry, forgiving, careless, etc.

The music I write literally comes from my soul. You can't fake the realness that I put into my songs. It wouldn't feel so genuine. 

I like to think I am rare, at least as a hip hop artist. I feel like everyone tries so hard to fit the "Hip Hop" image. That is something I have never done. It is just who I am. I dress the way I dress because it is how I like to dress. It is not because I saw the same outfit in a music video. I talk the way I talk because that is how I express myself. My music is just me documenting how I live. 

Almost like my biography up to this point in my life. 

I believe I have similar traits to not only music greats but also of business greats. I fully understand the business side of music but I am not willing to compromise my art. Money, girls, being thought to be cool, none are my motivations. Granted, it comes with the territory, which is cool but that isn't why I dedicate my life to my music. 

My goal is to transcend rap. To make it every race or culture's favorite music.
One thing that I think separates me from a lot of artists doing it is my ability to adapt. Throughout my life I have been around every culture, I have had conversations with every type of person. 

The fact that I have favorite rap artists from the west coast, east coast, dirty south, Midwest, really gives me a leg up. It enables me to know how to convey my message to each person from each region.

I pride myself on being original and going against the grain. I embrace how different I am and how different I think. Being different is a small price to pay for being a genius. Einstein never gave a f*** about what anyone had to say about him.

As far as making moves to brand my movement or break songs, I do it the way I want to do it. I don't care what people tell me I should be doing. I don't believe in paying people a ridiculous amount of money for promo. You do not have to worry about that if you make real trill music. 

People will gravitate towards it. I am not looking to be a one hit wonder or pop off for one summer. I want to be the topic of conversation 10 years down the road. I do not want to be the biggest rapper, I want to be the biggest artist. 

I try to be the voice for those who may feel up against odds or feel like a black sheep. I put things in perspective for them. I either put a humorous twist on a bad situation or I dive deep into the feeling and show the silver lining.

I think older folks have a really bad misconception of my generation. I tell about the life of the younger generation and yeah I talk about smoking, drinking, having sex, dressing nice, BUT I talk about uplifting and being educated and chasing your dream. I am not trying to promote any of that. I am just simply telling you what I do. If you happen to do the same, awesome. #TrifeLife. 

I think it is cool to go to college, be sober, not be promiscuous. My life is just a little different. But not for one second do I want someone to think that I can't talk your ear off about politics or the economy. I am well-rounded. Ya Dig.

Just because you turn up, act reckless, get it poppin', that doesn't mean you cant take care of your business. Just because you are going the F*** in at the club,bar,party, that don't mean you can't be the most well spoken, well mannered n*gga the next morning at work, or at a job interview, or in class. Actions do not define someone. Keep it Trill, Take care of your business. If not, get your sh** together.

My night could consist of drinking,women, a crazy amount of weed, loud Music, Studio, blowing money, and you can bet your last dollar that I will be 30 minutes early to work in the morning. That is that #TrifeLife.

I am sensitive to the fact that everyone has gone through rough times. I feel that if I show how I overcame what I went through, I can inspire someone else. 

The way I found my sound was crazy. My life hit rock bottom and I didn't see much hope. I didn't have anything other than my n*ggas and some sh** to say. I really submerged myself into a new atmosphere. Before I never drank, never smoked, never made the music I wanted to make. 

Until one day, I was like "f*ck that", I want to drink and get sauced every once and a while, I like to get high, I am going to start saying real sh** in my music. Since that day, I have been JproD.
Music is what I was born to do without a question.

I want to be a role model, in the sense that I want people to feel they can achieve their dream.  I want people to be comfortable with who they are and not be afraid to be different. Different is trill. Trill is real. Real is respected. 

Trill Shit, I really mean that. Yetati."

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