Tuesday 6 August 2013

Presenting Marie Dahlstrom

What's It Gonna Be - www.youtube.com/watch?v=N6mJ8eAzPo0

Marie has a sublime and powerful voice and What's It Gonna Be, which is her latest single is a catchy melody chock full of pop.

On the 22nd of June this amazing artist released a 9 track album - The Renditions, which includes 6 covers and 3 live versions of tracks from her EP - Could we buy a house, I want a man and Search.

Perth is a slow tune, top marks for the production values and choice of instruments.

In the air features Marie's trademark smooth vocals and she does a fantastic job of covering a Phil Collins classic, this track alone makes me want to go and see her perform live.

Twice has a snappy intro both vocally and in terms of its instrumental arrangement, Marie's vocals and the accompanying guitar are just bliss.

Loveeee, I think the easiest way to describe this masterpiece is just by using the words Musical Silk, nothing more and nothing less.

Nobody's business featuring Jamal Ross is a smooth tune and Marie and Jamal's vocals go hand in hand in the most amazing way.

Stop this train even with a laidback tempo proves that Marie can do no wrong.

Search makes good use of the Saxophone in its instrumental arrangement.

Could we buy a house is a great upbeat performance and the percussion and piano accompaniment compliments its well.

I want a man is the perfect track to conclude Renditions, Marie really gives it her all in this performance.

Renditions is an EP of amazing calibre and also it's free, so there's really no reason for it to not be part of your musical library.

Renditions is available to download from here http://mariedmusic.bandcamp.com/download_tralbum

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/mariedmusic?fref=ts
Twitter - https://twitter.com/MarieDmusic

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