Saturday 17 August 2013

Presenting the soothing vocals of Zubi d'Nova

Take You Home -

Take You Home further showcases Zubi's trademark vocals and heartfelt lyrics as previously established in her previous masterpieces such as I'm not your type and Fly Away

Here is Zubi d'Nova's official biography from her website.

Zubi d'Nova is a lyrics-focused singer-songwriter who aims to pull on heartstrings and memories with her mature mellow-sounding voice. Her music has been described as a mix of soothing vocals with pop, underlined with her love of neo-soul and RnB. She is not new to experimenting, however, and is hoping to mix her style with a little bit of jazz, soft rock, dubstep, and country in the future.

After realising at the age of 14 that there was a market for her voice, she went from being the youngest beauty queen in Kenya (aged 15!) to appearing in the media in all forms for the next 2 years under her previous stage name, Mellow Dee. 

At that time, the popular form of music in Kenya was "kapuka", a style of music similar to ragga. It was the only style, at the time, that got any airplay. Although she had received moderate airplay with her many collaborations and solo songs, Zubi was advised plenty of times by people in the industry to change her music as it wasn't "hit material". 

She refused to change her style, which she had been developing since she started writing lyrics at the tender age of 7, as she didn't want to simply "sell out" just to gain mass popularity.

This rebelliousness is still evident in her music today, but it might just have been worth it - she won an honorable mention and made it to the finals in the prestigious International Songwriting Competition in 2009. There were over 15,000 entries, and some of her fellow finalists are established songwriters with their music playing on popular TV shows such as Dawson's Creek! 

The competition is judged by the biggest people in the international industry, such as Youssou N'Dour, Timbaland, Rihanna, etc. This great step was the catalyst to her decision to finally, after 5 years of silence due to unforeseen hardship, make a comeback as Zubi d'Nova - the woman who could not be held back.

Zubi's style of songwriting is one based solely on intuition. Although she has the stage experience from earlier years, she has never had formal vocal training (save for 3 classes with Kavutha Asiyo in Nairobi, and a workshop and 5 classes with Mary Setrakian in NYC) and still calls herself a bathroom singer. 

Her writing and vocal performances are steered by a keen determination to grow and learn, as well as following "what feels right".

She is currently working on an acoustic vs dubstep project with various producers around the world. Her newer music will portray a darker, deeper, and more brutally honest side to her personality, with cryptic lyrics and raw emotion. A lot of these songs can be found on her Youtube, where she often films herself singing newly written songs as a sneak preview.


Started writing songs between the age of 7 and 9.

Curtain raised for Fatman Scoop, Jazzy B, and Chameleon, as well as performed at Dettol Heart Run, various Asian pageants and other events, and other concerts in Nairobi from 2004-2007. Also performed in 2011 off Broadway in NYC during a workshop with Mary Setrakian (has worked with Mary J Blige and works regularly with the acting studio run by Susan Batson; Nicole Kidman's coach).

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