Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Sabbatical Year's second album SY2 entertains us with 12 sublime and beautiful piano melodies

Sabbatical Year are a Piano Rock Band from Atlanta, this year will see the release of SY2 which is the sequel to their debut album.

SY2 entertains us with 12 sublime and beautiful piano melodies that are the perfect blend of music for chilling out to, tunes that motivate you to get up and get busy and also something a bit more sombre and it is the middle choice that will put a smile on your face as they did for me.

The Waiting introduces us to SY2 with a gentle and delightful melody that is perfect for unwinding to after a long day at work.

Seven Levels has more of a energetic feel to it thanks to the catchy pop hooks and the vocals mirror the melody.

Mulberry Grove showcases beautiful vocals and instrumental beats that will leave you full of beans.

Dream is another energetic number and the smooth instrumentals and gentle vocals are a real treat to the ears.

Lookout Mountain is a gentler tune with sublime vocals and a catchy melody.

Hearts are breaking has a somber feel to it thanks to the tone of the lyrics but the piano component is performed in a upbeat key.

Levity serves up a soft tempo, melodic hooks and laid back vocals that are musically exquisite - a real musical work of art.

The Important Thing delivers a fast paced gem of a melody and the lyrics are deep and heartfelt.

Can You See Me has a solemn vibe to it thanks to the tempo and arrangement but it also features uplifting moments.

Drakeside has a orchestric start to it and then we are treated to a uplifting number with catchy verses and beautiful lyrics.

The Wandering treats us to a slow paced and elegant melodic arrangement.

Something To Fall Asleep To concludes this musical masterpiece with a gentle melody, emotionally powerful verses and a first class vocal performance.

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