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On Solid Ground entertain us with impressive vocal talents and killer guitar riffs

Him And Her are a musical duo from Albert, Texas. Their sound is a blend of Jazz, Blues, Swings and Folk with Brenda Freed on Vocals and Guitar/Piano and Michael on Diatonic/Chromatic Harmonica.

The pair's musical backgrounds are worlds apart.

Brenda started off as a performing Singer/Songwriter in Texas after a 900 mile bike trip saw her leave her home in Iowa and end up at the Kerrville Folk Festival.

It was shortly after that she settled in Texas and embarked on her music career, whilst also providing private music tuition.

To date Brenda has not only self released four CDs but has also toured Texas, the mid west and also across the pond in England and Ireland.

Michael began his musical journey as a choir boy in England before relocating to Texas during his teens.

The two met at the Kerrville Folk Festival at the turn of the century and married shortly after.

Brenda then formed Texas Hot Flash (THF), which included Michael on their line up. THF won a 2005 Austin Music Award and they also self released three CDs. Him & Her emerged from THF and their debut CD was unveiled at the 2013 Kerrville Folk Festival.

On Solid Ground delivers 14 breathtaking tracks which entertain us with Brenda's impressive vocal talents and mastery of the guitar, however in some places I did find the Harmonica overbearing in relation to the rest of the arrangement.

Picture Of Love treats us to the delights of Brenda's beautiful and uplifting vocals.

Down To The Pool features a wonderfully catchy instrumental arrangement and the lyrics paint a picturesque landscape.

Gotta Get Over You is a Blues flavoured melody with deep and heartfelt lyrics.

Forward Kinda Gal serves up catchy beats and a beautiful blend of Jazz and Blues.

Sometimes I Feel Red treats us to a gentle guitar arrangement and delightful lyrics.

Band Of Angels is a fast paced melody with lyrics that are chock full of emotional depth.

My Oh My delivers a pleasant guitar melody and upbeat verses.

A Few Kind Words presents a smooth instrumental arrangement and Brenda's soft vocals.

Train I'm On showcases a subtle melody with first class vocals and cheerful lyrics.

Light as a Feather dazzles us with verses that create a breath taking work of art.

Sometimes has a somber feeling to it, with its slow tempo and sad lyrics.

Walkin is the opposite of Sometimes with an upbeat feel all across the board and lyrics that are pure gold.

Mr. Texas entertains us with a beautiful guitar arrangement, smooth vocals and heartfelt lyrics - a real gem of a ballad.

On Solid Ground concludes the album with a catchy tune, sublime vocals and uplifting verses.

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