Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Killer riffs, deep and heart felt lyrics from Down Under thanks to Empra

Empra are a rock band from Melbourne, Australia. 

The birth of Empra was a tragic one as lead vocalist / guitarist Sanny Veloo's closest friend and former band mate Wayne Thunder passed away.

Sanny struggled to overcome his grief but after much soul searching he decided to write and record an album as a tribute to his friend and thus Empra were born (Empra is an anagram of the ancient Sanskrit word Prema, which means universal love.)

Empra's line up also includes Matt Agius on Bass and Backing Vocals and Georgia Flipo on Drums and Harmonic Vocals.

Their drive and ambition saw them perform on the same billing as Fall Out Boy and also collaborate with Gotye on their debut album.

They recently recorded a limited edition EP which showcases the singles Doesn't Make Much Sense and Strange Condition.

Doesn't Make Much Sense entertains us with killer riffs, deep and heart felt lyrics delivered straight to our ears thanks to the talented trio that are Empra and if that wasn't enough prepare to be wowed by captivating beats.

Strange Condition delivers a softer melody which is mesmerizing to listen to and those dreamy vocals are simply beautiful.

Only Love is a lyrically powerful number with energetic beats a plenty.

I Won't Give Up is a upbeat corker of a song with a riveting vocal arrangement as well as killer instrumentals.

Sabrina concludes the EP with a laid back tempo, smooth vocals, emotive lyrics and a beautiful and gentle melody, plus kudos to Gotye for collaborating with them on this track.

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