Monday, 29 June 2015

Blog Challenge #1 - Who are you talking to?

1) Describe your tribe

I describe my tribe as Unsigned / Indie Singer/Songwriters and/or Musicians who are interested in getting their music promoted on the Internet, this could include other music blogs, social media or on Internet radio.

2) Why did you choose to focus on serving this group of people?
I have a appreciation for good music and from this grew a passion for sharing this, 

In November 2011 OBs Music UK started off as a hobby, during which E.B.R.U's music was heavily showcased via social media and in early 2013 a music blog was launched and from this I have started providing additional promotional services

3) What makes you the expert on solving their problem with your product or service?
My easy going personality and my passion  for the services I provide means that I give 110% to what I do, plus I am also motivated in educating people to all the good but undiscovered musical gems that exist out there.

4 What’s the ONE MESSAGE that you hope these people take away from your blog?
If you're looking for new and wonderful music for your playlists or portable music players then this should be one of your first stops.


  1. This is really interesting music. I love music myself and I'm always looking for new music that I've never heard of to listen to. Great post.

  2. Thank you very much and if you're after any recommendations, I can highlight my favourites.