Saturday, 6 June 2015

Honesty Is Mandatory features 18 tracks which deliver powerful verses and captivating melodies

Duals has just released his new LP - Honesty Is Mandatory through his own independent label Growth Of Culture.

Birth is the melodic equivalent of a car accelerating.

Early Morning delivers lightning fast verses and catchy beats.

Life Is A Paradox serves up delightful Guitar riffs and uplifting vocals with a melody that is reminiscent of the Spooks.

Smokin Weed Is Too Sobering is chock full of heavy synthesized beats.

Give Me That Loop Fool entertains with captivating percussion and slick rhymes.

Infinite Faces Of Humanity features a grandiose backing track over powerful lyrics.

Growth is the musical opposite to Birth.

The Aliens Crucified Dumbo showcases a smooth instrumental arrangement, specifically the flute and Duals delivers slick verses.

A Dead Soul's vocal arrangement gives the song a ghostly feel, this is a bit of a unnerving number.

Felt showcases sad verses about our disrespect for the wildlife that we cohabit with.

Defense Mechanism is another sad song, especially as the lyrical content is about everyday problems.

Even Babies Bleed Adult Tears features heavy beats and downbeat verses.

Death is a minimal track.

A Curse Called Memory is another haunting and harrowing number especially thanks to the disconcerting vocal performance.

Good Woman showcases smooth guitar riffs and a delightful vocal arrangement.

Saint Jeanne D'Arc features the beautiful and gentle vocals of Sara Martin alongside a owerful piano melody.

Greetings From Tuskan poem is ideal for chilling out to with its calming piano melody and Duals also brings powerful lyrics into the mix.

Big Sisters and Stuffed Animals exhibits deep and heartfelt lyrics alongside catchy beats.

Honesty Is Mandatory features 18 tracks which deliver powerful verses and captivating melodies, Duals endless creativity guarantees that we are treated to music which is far superior then conventional hiphop.

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