Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Rock out to Mudpusher's intense vocals and revved up instrumentals

The intro to Sacrilege is a true work of art both musically and visually, listening to the amazing orchestral arrangement gave me goosebumps.

Sacrilege itself is full to the brim with energetic instrumental beats which are accompanied with beautiful vocals thanks to Kimberly Nordqvist and the guitar riffs halfway through are simply amazing.

The acoustic version begins with a gentle piano melody and Kimberly really gets her chance to shine as her vocals go hand in hand with a truly beautiful instrumental arrangement.

World Destroyer starts with supercharged beats, if you like your music loud and with a lightning fast tempo then Mudpusher is perfect for you.

Swedish Groove Metal band Mudpusher were formed in 2008, previously they were performing as Coffin Crawler.

Coffin Crawler specialised in a combo of Doom and Death Metal, but they also had a love of Rhythmic Music and New Metal acts such as Korn, Fear Factor and Soulfly - this influenced their future musical performances.

Thanks to Indie Band Guru ( ) for bringing Kimberly's talented vocal skills to my attention.

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