Thursday, 16 October 2014

Gentry Fox delivers slick rhymes and addictive instrumental beats

Rare Demo Shit (Vol. 1) is 10 tracks of lyrics which are relevant to every day life plus the album also features first class production values.

Revengeance features some powerful instrumentals halfway through and also catchy rhymes.

Adoxography has a laid back instrumental melody and also slick verses.

Deliverance is chockablock with lightning fast lyrics and addictive instrumental beats - in terms of production this is one of my fave tracks.

Ascension is captivating thanks to its orchestral beats.

Memores is a track that really speaks to me with its smooth lyrics and beautiful instrumental melody.

Overground has some of the same qualities as Memores which ensure its just as musically appealing.

As reflected by the title Downcast is a somber track because of its lyrics and beat, thumbs up to Gentry Fox for sampling Dido and I love the lyrical twist at the end of the song.

Alive is another fast paced song with lyrics which are very relevant to life.

Forever is a powerful conclusion to Rare Demo Shit (Vol. 1).

Gentry Fox is a talented artist with many strings on his bow, which range from Hip Hop to Acting to Graphic Design. Gentry also found his own record label SUB\ROK records.

After relocating from Wyoming to Salt Lake City in 2011, he has connected with his Hip Hop Peers and then rest as they say is History.

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