Monday, 27 October 2014

Melissa De Blok presents a look at the steps involved in putting together an album

Melissa's on going web series - Into Me will give us a look into her musical journey as she prepares to record her debut album.

Episode 1 is an introduction to the series and also features a background into what motivates Melissa in terms of lyrical content and also provides a glance at her creative process.

Episode 2 delves deeper into how Melissa comes up with lyrics for her songs, plus you also have the pleasure of hearing her wonderful voice.

Episode 3 introduces Melissa's songwriting bible and also what we can expect in future episodes.

Episode 4 sees Melissa talk about how she feels about her forthcoming album, how its progressing and her current state of mind.

Episode 5 talks about the criteria for choosing which songs will feature on the album, she turns to us to help her her choose between two sings in particular - Glue and I'll Remember.

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