Wednesday, 8 October 2014

J.P. Kallio entertains us with moving lyrics and catchy instrumentals

Sunny Summer's Day is a upbeat track with cheery instruments and Bluesy/Country themed vocals - Thumbs up to the Banjo.

City Lights features a delightful Guitar arrangement.

Judge is a smooth track with lyrics which relate to growing up and trying to fit in.

Tell My Darling is a Country ballad about proposing but with a twist.

Daddy's Girl has a slightly somber sound to it but J.P is a pro with his lyrical compositions.

Only Son seems to feature Maracas, a unique choice of instrument for this genre of song.

Pain has a somber feel to it, not only lyrically but also in its instrumental arrangement.

This Town is another downbeat track which lyrically depicts society's problems, nice use of the flute however.

Close To The End is another upbeat track and I absolutely love the sound of the opening Guitar Riff.

They Don't Make Them Anymore Like That is a beautiful melody thanks to the choice of instruments and J.P's vocals.

Soul is exactly as the title suggests, chock full of soft instrumental beats and a sad story via J.P's verses.

J.P. Kallio tells some sad stories via 11 tracks of Bluesy/Country Melodies.

Originally from Finland, during the late 90s just after his 21st birthday he relocated to Ireland. His only kills are of the Musical variety. He is currently in a Irish Modern Folk Band called Sliotar and also a Punk Rock Band - Boneyard Bastards.

Not all his songs are musically suited for either of the bands so he's hoping to eventually release them as a solo project.

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