Friday, 10 October 2014

1 in Five will rock you with their FREE Hold on EP

Something in the Water is a supercharged rock anthem chock full of energetic instrumental beats and powerful vocals.

Black Lake opens with harmonized vocals and catchy piano chords, the rest of the song never fails to captivate with smooth beats and addictive guitar riffs.

Hold On is packed full of electrifying melodies, 1 in Five pull out all the stops to make this track something musically unique.

Lullaby showcases more enjoyable instrumentals alongside their amped up vocal performances.

For over a decade Jay, Mike, Chris, James and Matt have performed with various bands in and around Brighton, during which each of them has honed their craft and fully embraced their musical strengths and weaknesses. The result of this musical journey is a mature, exciting sound that represents entire lives saturated in music.

Guitarist Mike Roche and vocalist Jay Halsall formed their 1st band together, Montrose Avenue with Mike’s brother Chris Roche as a 2nd guitarist in 2006. Montrose Avenue performed around South East England, headlining local shows and also supporting signed touring artists such as Imperial Vipers and Voodoo Six before parting ways in 2011.

After a 2 year hiatus Jay and Mike started writing together again, bringing Chris back – this time to play Keys – adding an exciting new dynamic into the writing process. The boys began writing and recording the Hold On EP while searching for a full time bass player and drummer.

In early 2014 Mike’s school friend James Twaites joined 1 in Five on bass. James was previously the front man for 10 years in the long running local band Sacramento, playing alongside Mike across the UK. 

The impressive line up for 1 in Five was completed in September 2014 with the addition of Jay’s old friend and drummer Matt Hill. 1 in Five was formed and their unique, mature, and distinct sound continues to excite and develop to this day.

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